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Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Program

Greetings Viewers,


It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to the inaugural showcasing of Papua New Guinea’s Seasonal Work website. This website has been specifically designed to outline Papua New Guinea’s operational processes and systems as a participating country in the New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) programme for the ease and benefit of those employers and/or farmers who are interested in recruiting Papua New Guinean workers. This website is also a means to strengthen the continued partnership collaboration and commitment between Papua New Guinea and those employers and/or farmers that currently employ Papua New Guinea workers.


Furthermore, this website portrays Papua New Guinea’s value and commitment to the RSE programme by outlining the key requirements of Papua New Guinea’s processes and systems which reflect ‘The Hands of Change’ approach, with a quality, adaptable operational framework which ensures robust and reliable outputs.


I assure you that Papua New Guinea is a land abundant in national resources that will capture your interests with the best of intentions.


Happy Viewing.


Mary Morola


Department of Labour and Industrial Relations

Papua New Guinea Quality Workforce:
The Hands of Change

Hands of Change

This approach signifies a robust brand under a thematic approach to inform and outline to our prospective job seekers and potential seasonal work recruitment stakeholders of Papua New Guinea’s efforts in the New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) programme.


This brand is a reflection of Papua New Guinea’s unique and diversified workforce in the Pacific region as an island nation with over eight million people, over 700 languages with more than 800 cultures, traditions and customs. The brand also exemplifies Papua New Guinea’s energetic, vibrant and high-quality mobile and untapped labour force that is spread throughout the four corners of the country; from the shores into the hinterland lowlands up to the rugged terrains and highlands that use and toil the land as their source of livelihood and sustenance.

Quality Processes and Systems

The organisation responsible is mandated to undertake, facilitate and implement effective, inclusive and unique pre-recruitment processes and systems as well as pre-departure training programmes (which have been dubbed as among the best in the Pacific), to ensure that the workers from Papua New Guinea are mentally-focused and productive with virtuous work ethics. They are seen as exceptional ambassadors for the Seasonal Workers Programme (SWP) and the RSE programme.

Previous participation in both programmes has shown Papua New Guinea workers to be respectful, hardworking and objective-driven towards achieving employers’ goals and expectations as well as fulfilling our own goals to ensure that workers improve their wellbeing within their communities.


Papua New Guinea’s vibrant and dynamic processes and systems are based on:

  • A wide demographic and selection of workers that are diverse and mobile
  • Effective pre-departure training
  • Enhanced re-integration programmes
  • “One Team Papua New Guinea”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The organisation responsible for the Papua New Guinea SWP and RSE programme stands ready to offer its services to facilitate the preparation of its pre-selected Papua New Guinea workers (which best meet the requirements of recruiters and/or employers) so that they are well prepared and ready for deployment when needed.

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