1. Where is the location of the Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Coordination Office?

We are located at Moale Haus, Waigani Drive, Ground Floor

Phone: 325 2532/301 1600

Fax: 325 2546

Email: enquiries@ned.gov.pg

2. How will I know that I have been selected by the farmer/employer?

Every successful applicant that has been selected by the employer/farmer will be contacted by phone/mobile to inform him/her of their selection. For updates, we advise applicants to go to their respective provincial labour office to get updates on their application.

3. How long will it take for me to be selected by farmers to go and work?

The Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Programme is an employer (farmer) driven programme and recruitments are done during seasons. So it may take up to a year for you to be in the work ready pool before you are  selected.

4. Which country will I go and work?

New Zealand with the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme and Australia with the Australia Approved Employer  (AAE) scheme.

5. How long will I be working?

It depends on the type of crop and season for how long a worker will work. The employment contract also reflects this, according to the season of the crop. Most average a minimum of six months per season.

6. How much will I be paid?

This is determined by the employment terms and conditions. You will be paid at least the current minimum wage of New Zealand and Australia.

7. Do I have to pay for the airline ticket and visa?

Under the RSE scheme, the employer will pay for half of your return ticket. Further discussions on this and how to pay for your visa can made during pre-departure orientation or when discussing the employment contract.

8. Is it ok for me to get my partner/children to travel with me?


9. How do I apply for Papua New Guinea?

Through the Papua New Guinea Seasonal Worker Coordination Office of the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations.

10.  What are the requirements?

Pre-requisite Documents:

  • Complete Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Application form (it must be registered and stamped by PNGSWCO/ Provincial Labour office)
  • Copy of valid Papua New Guinea Passport bio data page
  • Six (6) clear, colour passport size photos. (must be recent photos)
  • Copy of evidence of educational qualification(s)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or National Identity Card
  • Copy of current Police Clearance Certificate
  • Copy of medical reports (test results for TB, HIV  and Diabetes)
  • Copy of Statutory Declaration/Joint Statement (Consent of spouse) if married
  • Copy of character assessment report from a local pastor or a ward councillor or village court magistrate in the village
  • Copy of a valid driver’s license if able to drive (optional)


11. How do I apply for the Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Programme?

Application forms for the Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Programme can only be obtained from the Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Coordination office and Provincial Labour offices in the provinces. Interested applicants are advised to present their original Character Assessment report over the counter to get a Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Application Form.


All completed Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers application forms are to be submitted to the Papua New Guinea SWCO for screening and processing. For those applicants in the provinces, they are advised to submit their complete application form to the Provincial Labour offices. After the final screening by Papua New Guinea SWCO, the eligible candidate’s application is endorsed by the manager (National Employment Division) and is entered into the Papua New Guinea Seasonal workers database.


All successful candidates will be informed by Papua New GuineaSWCO through the phone if they are selected by the farmer. All selected candidates are required to attend a three week Pre-Departure Training Programme coordinated by Papua New Guinea SWCO and other partner stakeholders before their departure.


12. Who are eligible to apply?

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a PNG rural-based citizen
  • Aged between 21 and 45
  • Healthy and physically fit to work
  • Be of good character
  • Be unemployed at the time of application
  • Be educated to at least Grade 10 level (or above) and able to understand the English language
  • Have a genuine reason to enter Australia or New Zealand for seasonal work and return to Papua New Guinea after the contract ceases
  • Be committed to undertaking self-employable opportunities using the skills, knowledge and savings that have been acquired when being selected as part of the Seasonal Workers Programme

13. Are there other agents who do recruitment for PNG seasonal workers?

The RSE scheme is a Government-to- Government programme guided under the policy arrangements effected by the Inter Agency Understanding (IAU) between Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, and does not cover or allow a “third-party” to enter into any arrangements.

The Government of Papua New Guinea has sanctioned this programme through the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations as a stand-alone government activity. The Seasonal Workers Programme will continue to be under the Government of Papua New Guinea until such time as the policy is changed to engage and involve an employment agent, and/or recruitment agencies, to recruit and facilitate the Seasonal Workers Programme.

The PNGSWCO is responsible for screening, processing and registering all applications from all over Papua New Guinea. PNGSWCO is also responsible for managing and facilitating the sending and receiving of Seasonal Workers to New Zealand through its pre-departure and re-integration training programmes.

14. What is direct recruitment?

A direct recruitment is when an RSE employer recruits workers directly from a particular district or province through its contacts within that particular area rather than from the Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Work Ready Pool (WRP).

15.Is it possible for farmers/employers to do direct recruitment?

Yes, any farmer/employer can directly recruit from Papua New Guinea so long as the farmer/employer is a Recognised Seasonal Employer. The farmer/employer will come to PNGSWCO to help facilitate the recruitment

16. What is the Work Ready Pool (WRP)

The Work Ready Pool (WRP) is a pool where all profiles of applicants whose applications have been successful and endorsed are kept for selection by famers/employers.

17. What is the RSE?

The Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme is an initiative through which labour is sought from Papua New Guinea and other Pacific island nations, to address labour shortages in New Zealand.

18. How will I know if my application to be a Seasonal Worker is successful?

Applicants will be advised through their respective Provincial labour offices of the status of their application. Applicants are also advised to contact the Papua New Guinea Seasonal Workers Coordination office to find out about the status of their applications or visit our Facebook page: Seasonal Workers Papua New Guinea

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